Dirt McComber - Reality Show Sizzle Reel

It’s DUCK DYNASTY on steroids, meets SURVIVOR,---with a dash of MASTER CHEF, and a whole lot of HARD KNOCKS.

His name is Dirt—really! Eric “Dirt” McComber, (Never, ever call him Eric!) is a Native American from the Mohawk Territory 10 miles south of Montreal. He lives and works on the Kahnawake Reservation with his beautiful wife, Paula, 7 kids, and 2 grandkids. His beat is the mighty St. Lawrence River as well as the hunting grounds surrounding his territory. He’s a Renaissance Man, sans the finery. A former “Sky Walker” (a Mohawk ironworker who works on skyscrapers), he decided to change jobs in order to be with his family every day.

He returned to the Kahnawake Reserve and decided to make a living at what he does best—living off the land as well as the rivers and streams. Whether he is bartering the Cree, coaching lacrosse, skinning bear and caribou, spearing fish, or sailing down the St. Lawrence to give cooking lessons along the way, he is a larger-than-life force to be dealt with, complete with his own philosophies (i.e. on racism—“You can’t paint people with the same paint brush . . .’cause you just end up painting yourself into a corner.” Or, “I don’t have a problem with using the word ‘Redskins’.  We First Nations people all call ourselves ‘Skins’!”)

Each week cameras follow Dirt on his many and varied excursions. His side-kick is his 23-year-old, Number 1 son, Jamie; but all of the McCombers pitch in to help the family business.